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The Customer Care industry has skyrocketed to one of the most lucrative and important businesses in the world. Countries like India, Netherlands etc are the forerunners in the business. But leading countries like US and the UK are also fast catching up. With the rising competition, the margin for error has become negligible. Each call center today employs stringent quality measures and constantly looks for improvement. In fact call center improvement services are also extremely popular within the industry

The objective of the Project is to reduce the man force and work load and making economical and real-time problem solving system so that customer can get response immediate and queries can be managed quickly. Process dictates all the action that a company takes in order to satisfy the customer, reduce costs and gather market intelligence.

Technology can help facilitate these processes through user driven systems development and maintenance. From the content perspective, the focus is on acquiring, engineering and maintaining knowledge and using the technology to distribute the information through various customer care media. The call center computer system is not built to consider human circumstance but merely to process, store and retrieve information. The challenge is to empower agents by providing them not by contact tracking systems but with the sort of information and authority that will make every worthy customer feel as though the company cares about him or her personally.


A Customer Care Supportive System is a central place or network of places where customer’s queries based tickets/cases are handled by an enterprise. It needs to handle a considerable volume of tickets at the same time; to screen cases/tickets and forward them to someone qualified to handle them, and to log notes in a case/ticket management system.

It is a functional area within an organization or an outsourced separate facility that exists solely to answer queries of the customers in the form of tickets/cases; usually a sophisticated voice operations center that provides a full range of high-volume, inbound or outbound case/ticket/call-handling services also.

Industry term referring a contact centre, also known as customer interaction centre is a central point of any organization from which all customer contacts are managed. Through contact centres, valuable information about company are routed to appropriate people, contacts to be tracked and data to be gathered. It is generally a part of company’s customer relationship management (CRM).



Processor : Pentium 2.4 GHz or above
Memory : 256 MB RAM or above
Cache Memory : 128 KB or above
Printer : Laser Printer
Pen Drive : 5 GB


Operating System : Windows XP (Professional).
Font-End Tool : .NET Framework 3.5
Back-End : SQL Server 2008


Advantages of the .NET Framework
• Some advantages of the .NET Framework are:
o Consistent programming model
o Multi-platform applications
o Multi-language integration
o Automatic resource management
o Ease of deployment
• Evidence-based security (authentication)
• Based on user identity and code identity
• Configurable policies
• Imperative and declarative interfaces

Microsoft SQL Server is an application used to create computer databases for the Microsoft Windows family of server operating systems. It provides an environment used to generate databases that can be accessed from workstations, the web, or other media such as a personal digital assistant (PDA). Microsoft SQL Server is probably the most accessible and the most documented enterprise database environment right now. This also means that you can learn it a little quicker than most other database environments on the market.
 The project is based on multi-tier architecture where the application is divided into three logical constituents-
1. User Services – Provide services such as user interface. (Asp.Net, C# application in this case).
2. Customer Business services – Implement business rules as per the requirement of the customer query
3. Data Services – Provide handling and validation of data. (SQL-SERVER in this case). Example case number, customer organization number, core team specialty code, engineer code and alias etc.

 Software requirements .Net is used for front end application


Advent of computers in the last two decades, every organization is going under the process of computerization. The computerization has many benefits. Primarily, a computer is helpful in four major aspects of any kind of organization:
Time Efficiency
Cost Effective
Huge data storage capacity and
Simple operation

Moreover, with the advent of the Internet technologies, World have changed lot call it the social web. Through the dot COM bubble and bust, one trend has never wavered. Every year, millions more people around the world are using the internet to interact in more ways then ever before to date, find old classmates, check on medical elements and cures, to read and express alternative views of the news, and even to give live sales help online, and in so many other areas.

We have several alternative suggestions about the project category like: desktop application, web-based application, OOPs application, Networking, RDBMS etc. Out of available one we have opted Web based application based on client server architecture. The proposed system falls into the category of Multimedia. A web based system has two types of pages one is static web pages and another are dynamic web pages, which are saved on web server and can be seen by sending request to web server through HTTP protocol.

Static web pages: – Static web pages are easy to spot sometimes we can pick them out by just looking at the content of the page. The content (text, images, hyperlinks, and so on) and appearance of static web pages is always the same regardless of who visits the page, or how and when they arrive at the page, or any other factors.

Dynamic web pages: – The dynamic web pages are web pages, which we can interact like a time is shown on the page or we are sending information through web form, online chat, sending mail on net etc all the action this action performed with the help of dynamic web pages.

Web Server: – Web server are software that manage web pages and make them available to client browser via local network or over the internet. In the case of the internet, the web server and browser are usually on two different machines, possibly many miles apart. However, in a local situation you can set up machine that runs the web server software, and then use a browser on the same machine to look at its web pages.


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