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“Study on MORALE LEVEL OF EMPLOYEES AT  STS Automobiles, Boisar”

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Morale – “the state of the spirits of an individual or group as shown in the willingness to perform assigned tasks”. It can also be described as a state of mind, mood, or mental condition”.

What is morale? Can it be measured? If so, how? And what if it is measured and discovered to be low—what then? Can it be improved? If so, how? These are some of the many questions and concerns that make the concept of morale so difficult to grasp. Despite the disparity in understanding of these issues, one fact remains—the employees of successful organizations tend to have high morale, and unsuccessful organizations can often attribute their lack of success to a deficiency in this vital category of employment.

All organizations should aspire to improve morale, whether everything appears to be functioning stupendously, or there are clear indications that change is needed. However, before we can learn how to improve morale in an organization, we must understand what it is.


In the present study, the data will be collected through questionnaire and personal interview to find out whether the employee of STS Automobiles, Boisar expecting the monetary benefits to boost their morale or not.  The work culture provided by the Administrative Authorities of STS Automobiles, Boisar is up to the mark of expectation of the employee or not.


 It is difficult to measure morale directly as it is an intangible state of mind of the workers. There are four methods which can be used for measuring the morale of the employee indirectly. These methods are discussed below:

  1. Observation of Employees Attitude and Behavior

The managers can measure the morale of the employees by observing their activities and behavior. But, in Patrice, managers do not find sufficient time to carefully observe the behavior of the employees. According to Theo Haimann, ‘The serious shortcoming of observation as yardstick to measure current morale is that the activities and events indicate a change to lowered morale which has already occurred. The manager, therefore, should be extremely keen in his observation in order to do as much as possible to prevent such changes.”

Generally, managers try to measure morale by checking the extent to which the organization is achieving the result in respect of productivity. But this is not at all a reliable measure because morale may be high although productivity is low and vice versa because of certain other factors, in many studies it has been found that there was low correlation between morale and productivity. 

  1. Attitude or Morale Survey

The management may conduct an attitude survey to find out the morale of the employees. The opinion of the employees may be known either by direct interview or questionnaire. In case of direct personal interview, attempt is made find out the views of employees about their job, co-workers, supervision and the organization

  1. Use of Morale Indicators.

Morale indicators are the factors which tend to show the attitude among employees towards the organization and its management. These factors include absenteeism, labour turnover, fluctuations in output, quality recodes, excessive waste and scrape, training records, accident rate and number of grievances filed.

  1. Use of Suggestion Boxes

Suggestion boxes can be established and the employees can be asked to put in their grievances and suggestions even without disclosing their indentify. This provides an opportunity to submit the grievances to those employees who have no courage to place their dissatisfaction openly. But since this system does not provide an opportunity to the management to discuss and confirm the exact nature of trouble and assign motive, it is difficult to operate such a system. Still it is a good supplementary device for finding clues of dissatisfactions and disagreements, and it establishes the fact that management has sincere desire to discover and eliminate trouble. 

Measures to Build High Morale 

It is very difficult to build and maintain high morale. It is like marching ahead without knowing the end of the journey. Morale is nor a tangible thing, also it is difficult to measure the degree of morale. Morale building is a perpetual process which cannot be stopped ever for a moment. Morale cannot be mantled at a high level for ever. It is dynamic, it keeps on fluctuating.

Morale building is done either on individual basis or on group basis. Morale building on group basis is always preferable. Group morale can be increased by understanding the group dynamics. It will automatically achieve the individual morale. In order to achieve high morale among the employees, the following suggestions may be followed:

  1. Fair Remuneration.
  2. Incentive System.
  • Congenial Working Environment.


 Morale is an important part of organizational climate. It is a vital ingredient of organization success because it reflects the attitudes and sentiments of organizational members towards the organization, its objectives and policies. These attitudes and sentiments largely affect productivity and satisfaction of individuals. Morale is the total satisfaction and person derivers from his job, his workgroup, his boss, his organization and his environment.

High morale exists when employees’ attitude is favorable towards their jobs, their company and their fellow workers—favorable to the total situation of the group and to the attainment and ability of its objectives. Low morale exists when attitude inhibit the willingness and ability of the group to attain company objectives. Thus, morale of employees should be high to achieve the organizational objectives efficiently and effectively. High morale reduces labor turnover, wastes and disharmony.

Employees with high morale like their jobs and co-operate fully with the management towards the achievement of goals of the organization. It results from job satisfaction and greatest job enthusiasm. High morale is indeed a manifestation of the employees’ strength, dependability, pride, confidence and devotion. All these qualities of mind and character taken together create high morale among the employees.


The area of study of this project is morale level of employees at STS Automobiles, Boisar of the benefits of improving morale have been established, what is left to distinguish is how to go about doing it! The methods and strategies which may be utilized for improving morale are innumerable. They range from learning to use simple key phrases to complete physical restructuring of workspaces.  Morale must be recognized, maintained and encouraged in order to guard against reduced individual job performance and organizational instability. Training and education should be continuously provided and encouraged. Improving employee morale and motivation is a critical concern for employees in order to increase productivity. Morale is the state of mind. It is steadfastness and courage, hope. It is confidence and zeal and loyalty. It is determination, esprit de corps. The Morale level check feeling of employees regarding work, to check effectiveness of communication at different levels of organization, to check the general working conditions where employees work, to know how much grievance handling machinery is effective, and to know the relationship with superiors and colleagues.


Fixing the objective is like identifying the star. The objective decides where we want to go, what we want to achieve and what is our goal or destination.


We will carry out for the following objectives.

  1. To study the morale level of employees of the STS Automobiles, Boisar.
  2. To study the factors which affect the morale level of employees.
  3. To study the level of satisfaction of employees.
  4. To study the effect of morale on the productivity and efficiency of employees.
  5. To study the strategies to improve the morale of employees.
  6. To study the effect of productivity on morale
  7. To know and understand about the employee morale and suggest measure to increase morale of employee of STS Automobiles, Boisar.
  8. To find out whether the employee of STS Automobiles expecting monetary benefits for the morale boosting,
  9. To find out whether the working cultural provided by the Administrative Authorities satisfying the employee of STS Automobiles of not.

Importance of the Study:

Good employee morale is the mental attitude of the individual or of the group which enables the employee to rely the maximum satisfaction of his drive as it coincides with the fulfillment of the objectives of the organization. In other words the employee’s morale identifies his objectives in the tasks and purposes of a company so that the organizational goals can be accomplished. Since the level of morale effects the quality and quantity of the output and influences factors like costs and transparency which are the ingredients for success, the study and measurement of morale is highly significant.


Research methodology makes the most important contribution towards the enrichment of study.  In a research there are numerous methods and procedures to be applied but it is the nature of the problem under investigation that determines the adoption of a particular method for all studies. Methods selected should always be appropriate to the problem under investigation.  This chapter discusses the research design, data collection method, sampling design, data design and data analysis.

We will use the data from primary sources which will be collected from the questionnaire and personal interview.  Our proposed sample size is 100 employees of the STS Automobiles, Boisar and we have framed 20 questions relating to the required information.  The specimen of the questions is attached at


We seek to conduct personal interview of 40 % of our sample size with the same questionnaire to collect the data.  After collecting the data, the analysis part will be started.  The main aim of the study is to find out morale level of the employees of the STS Automobiles, Boisar which can be observed through the responses given by the employees in questionnaire and in personal interview.  Our main objective is to find out whether employees of the STS Automobiles, Boisar are expecting monetary benefits to boost their morale or not.  The working culture provided by the administrative authorities in the STS Automobiles, Boisar is satisfying their employee or not will also be an important outcome of the study.  The data would be then tabulated and analyzed in the form of Pie Diagrams for a better representation.  The tools of Data Analysis would show the absolute numbers and percentage.


Primary Sources       :           Questionnaire and Personal interview


Universe                    :            Various Divisions/ Departments under                                                  STS Automobiles, Boisar

Sample size               :            100 employees


Simple Random Sampling would be used to select the sample from the STS Automobiles, Boisar.


 The data would be shown with the help of Pie Diagrams.


 The proposed study is expected to contribute the following:

  • Contribute ideas and suggestions to individuals (employees and jobseekers) in enhancing their morale and thereby improve performance levels.
  • Provide an organizational development tool to organization in the relatively new field of employee morale and based on empirical research data.
  • Help teams and department employees to identify access and manage their own and other’s morale level thereby improving working relationships, organizational climate and joint effectiveness.



 No study is complete in itself, however good it may be and every study has some limitations. Some of the limitations which I may face in this study are as follows:

  • The study will be restricted to the employee morale of STS Automobiles, Boisar only.
  • This is not an inclusive survey due to time and resource constraint.
  • Since the convenient sampling technique will be adopted in the study, hence, it may not be the representative of the universe.
  • Since the proposed sampling size is 100, so the findings and conclusions of the study may only be suggestive and not conclusive.
  • The respondents (some) may provide biased information/views due to their personal issues in an organization.

Scope: Scope will be limited to the geographical boundary of employees of STS Automobiles, Boisar.



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I am ……………………., a student MBA. (HRM).  I am underlying a project named “MORALE LEVEL OF EMPLOYEES AT STS AUTOMOBILES, BOISAR”.  So by filling this questionnaire please help me in completing my research project.

Name                         : ……………………………….

Age                             : ……………………………….

Address                     : …………………………….

Contact No.               : ……………………………….

Year of Experience   : ……………………………….


  1. Are you satisfied with your job?


Yes                                   No


  1. How long have you worked for STS Automobiles, Boisar?


Less than one year

One year to less than two years

Two years to less than five years

Five years to less than ten years

Ten years or more


  1. How is working environment in STS Automobiles, Boisar?

Good                         Satisfactory                       Not Satisfactory





  1. Do you feel proud to work at STS Automobiles?


Yes                                 No


  1. Do you have opportunity to learn new skills on the job?


Yes                                 No

  1. Do you feel that your work is recognized in your organization?


Yes                                 No





  1. Have you the opportunities for advancement?


Yes                                 No


  1. The staff of the STS Automobiles, Boisar is:







  1. How will you categorized your job?








  1. What according to you is best technique to boost morale?


Monetary                     Non-monetary



  1. How do you find the working condition in your work place?

Good                            Satisfactory                    Not Satisfactory


  1. How is your relationship with the fellow workers?


Good                            Satisfactory                       Not Satisfactory

  1. What kind of communication is there in your organization?


Effective                          Ineffective


  1. How often do you have the feeling of giving up?





  1. Are you satisfied with the grievance handling machinery of your organization?


Yes                                 No


  1. What kind of relationship you are having with your superiors?

Formal                                Informal


  1. Does your company provide career planning?


Yes                                 No


  1. What according to you are the factors which lead to high morale?


Effective supervision

Good relationship

Team building

Employee empowerment

Reduction in grievances


  1. What according to you are the factors which lead to low morale?


High rate of labour turnover

Ineffective supervision

Rigid decision making

Frustration among workers

Excessive complaints and grievances


  1. Does your management encourage in over all development of the employees?


Yes                           No




===========================Thank You========================



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