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M.Tech Thesis synopsis FORMAT

1. Title page contents

2. Introduction (should not exceed 3 pages including Figs.)

3. Brief Literature survey (should not exceed 5 pages)

4. Gaps in study (should not exceed 1 page)

5. Problem formulation: Need and significance of proposed research work (should not exceed 1 page)

6. Objectives (should not exceed 1 page)

7. Methodology/ Planning of work (should not exceed 2 pages)

8. Facilities required for proposed work

9. Proposed place of work

10. Activity chart: Detailed work plan [Optional]

11. Main references (should not exceed 2 pages)


  1. All the students are required to submit their synopsis in prescribed format to I/C M.Tech. (CSE).
  2. Students will be given date and time for presentation of synopsis in front of RDC.
  3. After approval from the RDC, the candidate may start his/her thesis work.
  4. The student can submit his thesis work after 3 months from the date of approval of his synopsis.


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