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Human Body is a very complex and sophisticated structure and comprises of millions of functions. All these complicated functions have been understood by man him, part-by-part their research and experiments. As science and technology progressed, medicine became an integral part of the research. Gradually, medical science became an entirely new branch of science. As of today, the Health Sector comprises of Online Administrative Support System for Medical Institution s i.e. Hospitals, Clinics etc. research and development institutions and medical colleges. Thus the Health sector aims at providing the best medical facilities to the common man.

Online Administrative Support System for Medical Institution

Still being a developing nation India has seen a tremendous growth of the Health sector in the field of research as well as in the field of development of numerous large and small scale clinical institutions still lacking in inter-structure facilities. Government of India has still aimed at providing medical facilities by establishing hospital. The basic working of various hospitals in India is still on paper as compared to hospitals in European countries where computers have been put in to assist the hospital personals their work. The concept of automation of the administration and management of hospital is now being implemented in India also, with large hospitals like APPOLO and AIIMS in Delhi, ESCORTS in Chennai, having automated their existing system.

Our project is based on the above concept i.e. automation of Administration and Management of Hospital. The project has been developed keeping in-view the following aspects: –

  • Working environment of the Hospital.
  • The thought-process and attitude of Indian people.
  • The Existing system, being used in the majority of Hospitals.
  • The availability of Infra-structural facilities likes finance, skilled personals, and working environment.
  • On Line Appointments for the Patients

a)      Admission of New Patient

  • Free Medical Advice For the Patients
  • Discharge Patient  Detail Functions
  • Doctor Assigning related to Patient’s Disease
  • Training Courses Provided by the Hospital
  • Statement of Patient Details

a. Admitted Patient

b. Discharged Patient

c. Doctor Details

  • Number of Patients admitted in the Hospital
  • Doctors available in the Hospital
  • Preventive Health Checkups
  • Administrator Links

a. Login Form

b. To add new doctors in the site

c. List of patients

d. List of Doctors

  • Searching or Enquiry  about




Discharged Patients

  • Password facility for multiple users and Administrator.
  • Crystal Reports to print all the details of Patients, doctors, Online users (for free medical advice etc.) so that administrator can work.
  • Business services
  1. Food suppliers
  2. Medical suppliers
  3. Other items suppliers
  4. Placement services
  5. Near by hotel accommodation for relatives of patients


I have designed the given proposed system in the ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server And XML to automate the process of day to day activities of  Medical Institutes like Room activities, Admission of New Patient, Discharge of Patient, Assign a Doctor, and finally compute the bill etc., online facilities to the multiple users etc.

The complete set of rules & procedures related to Medical Institute’s day to day activities and generating report is called “ONLINE MEDICAL CONSULATNCY”.

The following steps that give the detailed information of the need of proposed system are:

Performance: During past several decades, the hospital management system is supposed to maintain manual handling of all the hospital daily activities. The manual handling of the record is time consuming and highly prone to error. To improve the performance of the hospital management system, the computerized hospital management system is to be undertaken. The computerized hospital project is fully computerized and user friendly even that any of the hospital’s members can see the patient’s report and the doctor’s report.

Efficiency: The basic need of the project is efficiency. The project should be efficient so that whenever a new patient is admitted, and automatically a bed is assigned and also a doctor is assigned to the patient according to the patient’s disease. And if any patient is getting discharged, the bed assigned to him/her should automatically feed in the computer.

Control: The complete control of the project is under the hands of authorized person who has the password to access this project and illegal access is not supposed to deal with. All the control is under the administrator and the other members have the rights to just see the records not to change any transaction or entry.

Security: Security is the main criteria for the proposed system. Since illegal access may corrupt the database and it will affect not only the hospital but also it also affects the patient’s life. So security has to be given in this project.


Tools/Platform used is:

v       FRAMEWORK:- ASP.NET version 2 .0 with C#

v       DATABASE:-  SQL Server

v       PLATFORM USED:- Windows XP

S/w Requirement specification:

v       .NET framework 2.0

v       Visual Studio.NET 2005

v       ASP.NET

v       ADO.NET

v       SQL Server 2005

v       Visual C#.NET

v       HTML

v       XML

v       Internet Information Services (IIS) v 5.1

H/w Requirement specification:

v       Pentium 3, 1.5 GHz and above

v       256 MB DDRAM or more

v       20 GB HDD

v       Pen Drive 2Gb


  • ASP .NET is one of the platforms that are directed towards meeting the objectives of the .NET initiative of creating distributed applications.
  • ASP .NET is a powerful object-oriented language that provides features such as abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Features of ASP.NET

  • Some of the key features of Visual Basic .NET are as follows:
    • Inheritance
    • Constructors and destructors
    • Overloading
    • Overriding
    • Structured exception handling
    • Multithreading



Microsoft SQL Server is an application used to create computer databases for the Microsoft Windows family of server operating systems. It provides an environment used to generate databases that can be accessed from workstations, the web, or other media such as a personal digital assistant (PDA). Microsoft SQL Server is probably the most accessible and the most documented enterprise database environment right now. This also means that you can learn it a little quicker than most other database environments on the market.


Data flow diagrams are the most commonly   used way     of documenting the processing of the candidate system. As their name suggest they are a pictorial way of representing the flow of data into, around, and out of the system.

Context Level DFD

Medical Advice
Carrier & Job Hospital
PG Programmer
Patient Status
Patient Appointment
Bill Payment

DFD for Medical Advice

1. Read the Data from patient
2. Search for disease from Knowledge
3. Copy Selected Record
Output Unit

Data base

DFD for patient Appointment

1. Read patient request
2. Search from Doctor Data base
3. Give the Time and Number
Output UNIT



Screen         Print
Eye Bank
Accept the user request for Eye donate

Request for

Eye Donation


Request No.


Screen         Print
Blood Bank
Accept the user request for blood donate

Request for

Blood Donation


Request No.


Screen         Print
Kidney Bank
Accept the user request for kidney donate

Request for

Kidney Donation


Request No.

DFD for Patient Search

1. Read the Data from patient
2. Search the patient in patient-ID
3. Copy Selected Record
Output Unit


DFD for PG Course

1. Accept Data for specializing
2. Search for Seat Availability
3. Display the Admission status for PG Course
Output Unit


DFD For Bill Payment

1. Read the Patient Data & Treatment
2. Generate the bill
Print Bill
Output Device


DFD For Job Opportunity In hospital



Search the web Site
Apply Only
Get Online Id


DFD For Online Searching For Patient




Patient Data

Data base

DFD For Searching a Doctors

Read the

Data of Doctor  & Specialisation


With Specialties


Data Base

DFD Online Medical Advice

Read Patient Data and Disease
Display the Remedies & Treatments

Data Base

DFD For Login Of User

Read User Id & Password
Authenticate User & Login

Data Base



The limited time and resources have restricted us to incorporate, in this project, only the main activities that are performed in news sites, but utmost care has been taken to make the system efficient and user friendly.

For the optimum use of practical time it is necessary that every session is planned. Planning of this project will include the following things:

  • Topic Understanding.
  • Modular Break – Up of the System.
  • Processor Logic for Each Module.
  • Database Requirements.

Topic Understanding:

It is vital that the field of application as introduced in the project may be totally a new field. So as soon as the project was allocated to me, I carefully went through the project to identify the requirements of the project.

Modular Break –Up of the System:

  • Identify The Various Modules In The System.
  • List Them In The Right Hierarchy.
  • Identify Their Priority Of Development
  • Description Of The Modules:

Description of the Modules:

The basic objective of ONLINE ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR MEDICAL INSTITUTION   is A WEBSITE to generalize and simplify the monthly or day to day activities of Hospital like Admission of New Patient, Discharge of Patient, and Doctor Assigning related to particular disease of patient, Reports of Number of Patients and Discharged Patients etc. which has to be performed repeatedly on regular basis. To provide efficient, fast, reliable and user-friendly system is the basic motto behind this exercise.

Let us now discuss how different modules handle the structure and data files:

  1. Password Module

This module is used to login existed users. New users can also become members .Existed user can change the password. Any user can check login status, change his/her password and recover his password.

2. Admission_Patient Module

This module is used to admit a patient in our Hospital after entering his all personal details like Name, Address, Phone, Sex including his/her Disease .Patient can take online appointment

3. Discharge_Patient Module

This module is used to discharge the patient details from database. When the user inputs his bed number, the same patient id will be checked in the database, if the bed number is matched in the database, then the patient will be discharged from the database and transferred the record of the discharged patient to another table of database so that the Hospital Management has the record of discharged patients to fulfill his legal liabilities.

4. Doctors_Available Module

Using this Module we can get on line informations about the doctors available in our hospital.

5.  Preeventive_Checkup Module

Sagar Apollo Hospital helps you in that right direction- a comprehensive and complete health check-up from the best available hands that will guide you to living a healthier life.

6. Display_Record Module

This module is used to display all the transaction including the patient name, address, phone, bed number, and doctor assigned to him/her in the screen. This is a global report to display all the transaction records in the screen.

7. Administrator Module

This module is for administrator. To generate

a. List of Patients.

b. List of Doctors.

c. To add New doctors in the site.

d. List of Patients interested in Free Medical Advice.

8. Training Courses Available

This module is for the information of the courses provided by the Hospitals, Mode of Payment for Courses.

9. Business Services

Tenders are collected for food supplier, Medicine suppliers and other items suppliers which was then finalized by the management

10. Donations

This module is related to Blood donation, Eye donation, Kidneys donation and donation of their body parts. The eye donators can pledge online for their eye donations before their death.

11..Placement Agency

This module deals with placement agencies for the placement of nurses, and other staff.

12. Near by Hotels

In this Module Hotel information are provided for the accommodation of relatives of the patients.

13. Report Generation

This module is important for management or administrator to generate report of patients who want free medical advice, appointments, doctors who want to work in this hospital, Patients in the Hospital etc.

14. Validations & Checks

This module is important for applying validations to the fields in each form.

Process Logic for Each Module:

Process Logic of Module is a tool that may be useful in planning and evaluating projects.
Our logic model contains four components with Inputs-Outputs-Outcomes being central to the built in response to the model:

  • Situation: The context and need that gives rise to a project or initiative; logic modules are built in response to an existing situation.
  • Inputs: The resources, contributions, and investments that are made in response to the situation. Inputs lead to Outputs.
  • Outputs: The activities, products, methods, and services that reach people and users. Outputs lead to outcomes.
  • Outcomes: The results and benefits for individuals, groups, agencies, communities and/or systems.

Report Generation

From above modules different reports are generated. ‘Crystal Reports’ is a popular third party package that is included with Visual Basic.NET, which allows you to create reports for your application. The package consists of a designer – where you can design and test the reports, Crystal Reports API calls and CrystalReportViewer control. Crystal Report generated in this website are about:

  • Discharge Patient  Detail
  • Doctor Assigning related to Patient’s Disease
  • Training Courses Provided by the Hospital
  • Statement of Patient Details

a. Admitted Patient

b. Discharged Patient

c. Doctor Details

  • Patients admitted in the Hospital
  • Doctors available in the Hospital
  • Preventive Health Checkups
  • List of Doctors
  • Searching or Enquiry  about




Business services

Food suppliers

Medical suppliers

Other items suppliers

  1. Placement services
  2. Near by hotel accommodation for relatives of patients


Login Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
UserID Varchar(10) Primary key
Password Varchar(10) Not null
Clerk_id Varchar(6) Foreign key

Administrator_Login Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Username Varchar(10) Not Null
Password Varchar(10) Not null

Job_for_Doctors Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Name Char Not Null
Address Char Not null
Phone No Number Not Null
Email Char Not Null
City Char Not null
Pin Number Not Null
Gender Char Not Null
Degree Char Not null
Specialty Char Not Null
Availability Char Not Null
States Char Not null

Patient Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Patient_ID Char Not Null
Name Char Not null
Address Char Not Null
City Char Not Null
State Number Not null
Phone no Char Not Null
Email Char Not Null
Disease Number Not null
Age Char Not Null
Remark Char Not Null

Patient Appointment Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Name Char Not Null
Address Char Not null
City Char Not Null
State Char Not Null
Phone no Number Not null
Email Char Not Null
Disease Char Not Null
Age Number Not null
Remark Char Not Null

Donators Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Donator_ID Char Not Null
Name Char Not null
Address Char Not Null
Phone no Char Not Null
Email Number Not null
Donating Char Not Null
Stats Char Not Null

Bill Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Transaction_ID Char Not Null
Patient Name Char Not null
Disease Number Not Null
Bill Amount Number Not Null
Room no Number Not null
Bed no Char Not Null

Online_Medical_Advice Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Name Char Not Null
Phone no Number Not null
Email Char Not Null
Discuses Char Not Null

Doctor_Available Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Name Char Not Null
Specialty Char Not null
Timings Char Not Null
Days Char Not Null

Training_Courses_Available Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Course_ID Char Not Null
Course Char Not null
Duration Char Not Null
Fees Char Not Null

Dischage_Patients Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Name Char Not Null
Address Char Not null
Phone no Number Not Null
Email Char Not Null
Disease Char Not null
Stats Char Not Null
Room No Number Not Null
Bed No Number Not null
Charges Paid Number Not Null

Room_Available Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Room No. Number Not Null
Room Status Char Not null
Size Char Not Null
Charges Number Not Null

Payment Package Table

Field Name Data Type Constraints
Package_Id Char Not Null
Charges Number Not null
Disease Char Not Null
Remark Char Not Null


In this project we have used following validation checks.

  • While entering the data into the form it will check for the fields is properly filled & it should not be null.
  • Whenever we enter the data for the new entity, details will be automatically added in the database tables and also generate the id automatically.
  • Entered text / number should not exceed the limit (width).
  • Almost for all fields we have used the validation for example if name of the fields requires the text type of data then it will check for the string and if the data is numeric then it will check if the number entered is proper numeric or not.

ASP.NET Provides Security

  • Evidence-based security (authentication)
  • Based on user identity and code identity
  • Configurable policies
  • Imperative and declarative interfaces

Security system protects a system from external security branches and internal fraud. The resources invested in the system should however balance the sensitivity of the data being manipulate. In the Log-in-Menu, special security will be provided.


This project can be used as Administrative support system for Medical Institutions with adding some more useful modules in the project.

Utmost care and back-up procedures must be established to ensure 100% successful implementation of the computerized system. In case of system failure, the organization should be in a position to process the transaction with another organization or if the worst comes to the worst, it should be in a position to complete it manually.

The limitations may be many and the magnitude of the influence of these limiting factors may have a bearing on the report, but it in no way alters the ultimate aim of the project and because it’s highly USER FRIENDLY, it would be the choice of all kinds of personnel.


This project is designed to meet the requirements of Medical Institutes. It provides the facilities for online donations of blood, eyes and kidneys, online appointments, online report collection placement agencies etc.. It has been developed in ASP.NET, keeping in mind the specifications of the system.

For designing the system we have used simple data flow diagrams.

Overall the project teaches us the essential skills like:

q  Using system analysis and design techniques like data flow diagram in designing the system.

q  Understanding the database handling and query processing using SQL Server.


1.   Senn James A: Analysis and Design of Information Systems,   McGraw Hill, International Ed, 1989.

2. O’Brien Jamea A: Management Information Systems, Galgotia Publications Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, 1998.

3.   Laudon & Laudon: Management Information Systems, Organisation and Technology, PHI, New Delhi, 1998.

4.   Wetherebe James: Systems Analysis and Design, Galgotia Publications Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, 1990

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