For Project & Synopsis Contact us At : 9015596280, 9313565406, 9212129290

Balujalabs provide free sample of bca and mca synopsis and project sample on the web site .Ignou students can download the synopsis and projects free of cost from this site to study the format and specifications required for the project submission as per ignou guidelines.The links from which you can download are as:





Balujalabs,A1/17 ,janakpuri,New Delhi also undertakes the customised synopsis creations and project creation for the students of all indian universities.

Baluja Labs gives the training of the project to the students so that they are able to modify,run and give the viva of thier projects.For instance help one can call 9015596280 for the help on synopsis and project prepration.Baluja Labs creates the Bca and Mca projects on all the modren languages like .net,java,j2ee,php,Android and Python.


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