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Summer Training or Internship is an integral part of the Full-Fledged Master of Business Administration (MBA) Online programme at Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) in which all the students undergo an on-the-job training with reputed companies. Key objectives of summer training are:

  1. To provide industrial exposure to the management students to understand the practical situations and operational activities of the organizations.
  2. To get oriented for corporate culture and functioning.
  3. To provide the management students a sense of direction in identifying career opportunities and get prepared accordingly.
  4. To help students in identifying their areas of interest and generating placement opportunities.


As per the scheme and syllabus of MBA, at the end of the second semester, all students will have to undergo summer training of 6-8 weeks with an industrial, business or service organization under the supervision of a supervisor from that organization. Each student will be required to upload a Summer Training Project Report (STPR)inproper format along with a certificate issued by theconcerned organization where he/she has undertaken the summer training on the portal. Each student will be evaluated based on the STPR uploaded on the portal. The evaluation of summer training project report will be done by the expert evaluators appointed by the university. It will carry 100 marks.


If the students are working in any company/organisation, he/she may go for training for 6-8 weeks under their respective organisation, where they are working. After completion of the training, the students have to prepare the training report under the supervision of a supervisor from that organization. Students have to submit the certificate of 6-8 week training from their organisation. The selected course should be relevant to the area of specialization of the students. After completion of the training or certification course, students are required to upload a training report in the specified format.



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