provides the synopsis and project work to help the IGNOU students for MBA MS-100 program.
In case you opt the project work, first you have to chose the topic there after create the synopsis and get it signed from your local guide and submit it to the IGNOU. The format of the synopsis is like this:
Table of Content
1. Introduction
Company Overview
2. Objectives, Scope and Hypothesis of the study
3. Research Methodology
4. Review of Literature
5. Theoretical Background
6. Data Analysis and Interpretation
7. Findings
8. Conclusion and Suggestions
9. Limitations of the study
After the approval of the synopsis you will get the approval letter from IGNOU University. According to the comments on the approval letter create the project report get it signed by the guide and submit for the final evaluation.
Note:Must attach the approval letter from the university for the synopsis and approved synopsis with the binded project report other wise they will reject the project report.
you can download synopsis sample from here
you can download project sample from here
For any guidance for the prepration of synopsis and project report you can call PROJECT HELPLINE NO: 9313565406,9015596280, 9212129290
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