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In your project work, you are expected to examine/study any specific problem/issue through quantitative/qualitative data. Hence the determination of relevant data is the foremost task. Data should be relevant to examine the
issues raised and to test the hypothesis, if any, formulated in the project proposal. The variables on which data is needed should be identified. You need to find out about the kind of data on the project’s topic that is available
and the extent to which it would be suitable for your project work. Read the Course MJM031 – Communication Research Methods carefully to execute your major project. You are therefore advised to go through the different
Units of this course.

Regarding research literature, it is necessary to determine and record

(i)Person/Institutions who collected the data

(ii) when it was collected and

(iii)how reliable is the information? You should note the following details aboutevery source of information:

● The full title of the document, book, journal, map, etc.
● Department/Agency/Author who has prepared the document, book journal etc.
● Date/Year when the document was prepared, and
● Edition, place of publication and publisher for books and articles.

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