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POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY (PGDET) Course Code : MESP-135 provides project for IGNOU PGDET. From the activities listed in the Guidelines, you may select those you would like to carry out. The only condition is that your choice must cover activities of at least two credits from each course.

You may opt for more activity(s) from the same course so that you carry out activities of at least 2 credits
for a course.

The number of activities is not important. It is the credit that matters. You may engage in as few as four
activities, one from each course, provided you earn 2 credits for each course, and your total credits add
up to eight.

Activities pertain to different courses. How should I submit the reports of activities?

The Project Report should include the reports of all the activities carried out.

Insert page number and bind/file the pages.

The report should have four sections, one for each course. At the beginning of every section you should mention the course code and course title, and then include the reports of the activities of the concerned course.

The report should be printed with double spacing in A 4 sheets.

In case you attach any material like a pen drive/CD, mention it in the report.

You must keep a copy /softcopy of the Report before you submit it for evaluation.

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