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Final year MBA students of has to submit the project report.All the students should be advised to follow the following steps:
Step 1 :Prepare the synopsis as per the university guidelines and submit to the university .

step 2 :After the approval of the synopsis you have to prepare for the  project the  report as per the guidelines of the university.If any modification is recommended by the university then first do the modification before creating the final project report.

step 3 :After the submission of the project report prepare for the viva questions .Ignou does not take the viva and directly evaluate the  project report.

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Q1. What is your project? Explain your project in 50 words.
Q2. What is the objective of the project?
Q3. Explain research Methodology of your project?
Q4. What is the sample size of your project?
Q5. What is the sample universal of your project?
Q6. What is the limitation of your project?
Q7. What is the future scope of your project?
Q8. What you concluded in your project?
Q9. What is your recommendation with respect to the objective of your project?
Q10 Have u prepared any questionnaire or not? If your project conclusion is deduced from the questionnaire or not.
Q11. Tell me what you learned from your project?
Q12. Why did you choose this project?
Q13. . Were the objectives addressed?
Q14. How did you go about doing (experiment a)?
Q15. Tell me another way of doing (method b).
Q16. How did you know when you were finished?
Q17. What would happen if __________?
Q18. What did not work?
Q11.Why did you choose (method b)?
Q12. What are the limitations of (method b)?
Q13. If you were to start again, is there anything you would like to change?
Q14. What were the best features of your project?
Q15. Why did you choose the statistical methods that are in your project?
Q16. Is there another possible explanation for your results?
Q17. What further research would you liked to have conducted, and why?