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The following steps involved in the project will help you to do the scheduling of the project work:
1. Select a topic and a suitable project supervisor.
2. Prepare the project proposal in consultation with the project supervisor.
3. Submit the project proposal along with the necessary documents to the Coordinator of your Programme Study Centre/Study Centre.
4. Receipt of the project approval from the Coordinator of your Programme Study Centre/Study Centre.
5. Carry out the project work.
6. Prepare the project report.
7. Submit the bound copy as well as the CD containing the soft copy of the project report to the Registrar, Student Evaluation Division, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068.
8 Appear for the viva-voce at your Programme Study Centre as per the intimation by the the Coordinator of your Programme Study Centre/Study Centre.


A project report should be approximately of 7000-8000 words and it must contain the following details:
1.Table of contents/Index:
2. Introduction to the project:
3. Objectives:
4. Methodology (survey, data, tools & techniques used):
5 Results:
6. Analysis/Interpretation of the results:
7. Conclusions:
8. Recommendations (future scope and further enhancement of project):
9. Summary:
10. Bibliography:
11.Appendices (if any):
You should attach the original copy of the approved project proposal proforma and the certificate of originality (format given in the Appendix) to the project report.

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