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For BTECH first go through the guidelines of the project as provided by the university and then choose the guide under whose guidance student completes the project report. Some university don’t allow the management systems and they required to submit the research based topics which are based on IEEE papers.Therefore first choose your guide and discuss your base paper and then finalize the synopsis.

Secondly select the latest languages like .net,java,j2ee,android, php,iphone etc because six months are given to learn and create the project report.Therefore it is suggested   to select the latest topics and properly set the objectives of the project,do the system analysis by properly creating the DFD and ER diagrams.

Finally  create the project report,with the cd which contains the running code of your project and prepare for viva.for any professional help you can contact us at BALUJA LABS,A1/17,Janakpuri,New Delhi.9015596280,011-41668088


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