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  1. Genuine work
  2. According to guidelines
  3. Good Methodology

Checked by professional experts in their specializations.


  1. Project work is a compulsory part of MBA course.
  2. If a student does not complete the project work, his/her MBA course will be treated as incomplete and his/her. Nomination will stand automatically canceled after the prescribed period.
  3. Guidelines for the students to complete the project work.
  4. The title of the project should be relevant, new and challenging and the title should be different for each student.
  5. It will be the moral responsibility of the supervisor to get the students to prepare original and quality project work and to guide them in this regard.
  6. The project supervisors of the concerned students will ensure strict compliance and implementation of the given guidelines.
  7. If the quality of the project work does not conform to the prescribed standards, then the university reserves the right to suggest necessary improvements in it.
  8. The project work can be completed either in Hindi or in English language.
  9. Two hard copies of the student’s project work, duly signed by the student and the project supervisor, will have to be submitted to the university for evaluation.
  10. The project program must have a certificate signed by the project supervisor, in which it is written that the project work was done by the student under the guidance of the project supervisor.
    (Supervision) is the fundamental work performed.

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