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SYMBIOSIS SCDL PGCFMA PROJECT Provides Projects for Symbiosis SCDL PGCFMA Students for Final Year Projects.

Projects are According to Guidelines to fulfill the requirement of Finance Project they need :

  1. NOC
  2. Guide Resume
  3. Project Report
  4. Plagiarism Report Generated in
Particulars Page Number
Preliminary page should have the following information:

·         Top: The Title in BLOCK letters

·         Centre: Full name of the student in BLOCK letters and Registration Number

·         Full name of the Guide (If any) in BLOCK letters, with the designation

·         Bottom: Name of the Institute (SCDL) in BLOCK letters and Academic year

No Objection Certificate ii
Certificate/Declaration regarding Originality/ Declaration by the Learner iii
Certificate by the Guide iv
Introduction 1
Objectives and Scope  
Theoretical Perspective  
Methodology and Procedure of Work  
Analysis of Data  
Findings, Inferences and Recommendations  
Conclusion and your suggestions for improvement in the organisation  
Summary of the Project Report 60 – 65
ANNEXURES (if any) I
I)   References, if any

II)   List of Figures, Charts, Diagrams, if any

III)    List of Tables, if any




Sr. No. Criterion for Assessment
1. Area and topic selected for the project work
2. Need of the project topic and statement of objectives of the project work
3. Methodology and procedure of the project work
4. Tools of data collection
5. Presentation of collected data tabulation, diagrams, graphs a concise form
6. Analysis of data
7. Use of statistical techniques for analyzing of data
8. Findings, inferences, their educational implications and recommendations
9. Preliminary pages of the project report, typing, and get-up of the report
10. Overall impressions about the project work and its presentation in the report form

If the project has any relevance to the existing job profile, a learner has to furnish a feedback from his/her immediate superior as to why/how the particular topic has been chosen by the concerned learner and what value it would add in general or in particular.



Selection of Project Topic

The project can be selected in various ways like

  • Select a company / organization / institute concerned
  • Discuss with concerned persons, your specific requirements and select the subject/topic in their
  • Discuss with your faculty concerned, before making a choice of your subject/topic.
  • Consult experts in the field to make a right choice of the subject
  • Study various articles / news items etc. appearing in dailies, weekly, monthly magazines to look for a desired topic.
  • Discussions with the relevant firm may help select a proper topic.
  • A critical eye can help you spot the right topic for your

Post Graduate Certificate in Finance (Management Accounting)

  1. Reporting standards
  2. Inventory management
  3. Balance sheet analysis
  4. Cost accounting applications
  5. Impact of accounting information
  6. Role of accounting in organization
  7. Investment Analysis
  8. Portfolio Management
  9. Financial Institutions.
  10. Security Market
  11. Micro Insurance
  12. Cash Management Services
  13. Receivable Management (including Factoring and Forfaiting)
  14. Financial Inclusion
  15. Debt restructuring (success story)
  16. Insurance sector
  17. Wealth Management
  18. Mergers and Acquisitions
  19. Debt Management
  20. Investment feasibility
  21. Role of IT in Finance
  22. Treasury Management
  23. Financial Inclusion