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Crime Reporting System




Developing a Crime Reporting System to improve the communication between police and public which helps to improve the time utilization for solving crimes and not much time is wasted to communicate with police. So, to reduce the time and increase problem solving efficiency in time period, this application will be more helpful.

The Administrator is the key person for the entire application. He maintains all the users details, manages and view graphs, logs, alerts, help book, maintains backup, generates reports. He also has secure registration. He can communicate with the other users through chat; besides can send mails to the users.

A police also have secure registration. He views the crime report sent by the public and starts investigation on the case.  He verifies whether all the proofs attached to it are valid or not and take the next step in the investigation. After the investigation, he sends the report containing the proofs to the administrator and closes the case. During the investigation, he sets the status of the case to make aware of the public and the admin. After the submission, FIR form is filled. He can communicate with the other users through chat; besides can send mails to the admin and public.




Online Crime Reporting System to engage public, NGOs, police and government agencies to be more quick, proactive and responsive to fight with crime and criminals.

Conventionally the citizen has to go to Police station in person to report the crime and anonymous events like thefts, murder, missing citizens, dead bodies and other miscellaneous events.  Where we produce an online comprehensive Crime Reporting System, police and other officials responds in right time .So crimes are solve and conclude in an effective period .


Existing System

  • Existing system is not providing missing citizen information’s.
  • Existing system is not providing facilities for searching capabilities like crime and criminal search – region, crime-type, gender, age group wise etc.
  • Existing system is not providing facilities for secure registration and profile management facilities for detectives and security agencies.
  • Existing system is not providing Facility for communication between all stakeholders.


Problem in existing System

  • Existing system developed in intra network.
  • Public cannot interact through internet.
  • Authentication of reporters cannot be done.






We have several alternative suggestions about the project category like: desktop application, web-based application, OOPs application, Networking, RDBMS etc. Out of available one we have opted Web based application based on client server architecture. The proposed system falls into the category of Multimedia. A web based system has two types of pages one is static web pages and another are dynamic web pages, which are saved on web server and can be seen by sending request to web server through HTTP protocol.


  • Static web pages: – Static web pages are easy to spot sometimes we can pick them out by just looking at the content of the page. The content (text, images, hyperlinks, and so on) and appearance of static web pages is always the same regardless of who visits the page, or how and when they arrive at the page, or any other factors.


  • Dynamic web pages: – The dynamic web pages are web pages, which we can interact like a time is shown on the page or we are sending information through web form online chat, sending mail on net etc all the action this action performed with the help of dynamic web pages.


  • Web Server: – Web server are software that manage web pages and make them available to client browser via local network or over the internet. In the case of the Internet, the web server and browser are usually on two different machines, possibly many miles apart. However, in a local situation you can set up machine that runs the web server software, and then use a browser on the same machine to look at its web pages.